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Our Difference

Being great at what you do means you can’t be all things to all people.

The BA Group is an industry-exclusive agency — serving only credit unions of any size — which means our day-to-day is your day-to-day.

Our team will hit the ground running. Why? Because we won’t need to be brought to up to speed on your systems, platforms and partners. We’ll get to work quickly, with little learning curve, so you start seeing executable results right away.

Here are just some of the platforms and partners we work with every day:

  • Core Systems: Symitar, FiServ, etc.
  • Data Gathering Systems: MCIF, CRM, digital and social media analytics
  • Mobile & Online Banking Platforms: Too many to list
  • Reporting:  From Google Analytics to e-delivery solutions, lending platforms and really anything that can collect usable data
  • Website Partners: SmartSource Solutions, a CUSO for credit union websites
  • Branch Design Build Partners: LaMacchia Group, Elements and others

And here are just some of the ways our team outperforms others "like us:"

  • Continuing Industry Education: Regular attendance at industry-related webinars, conferences, or even schools like the Southwest CUNA Management School!
  • Educators Ourselves: If not attending, we're leading a webinar, conference speaking engagement, or even a school session like the CUES School of Strategic Marketing!
  • Mentors & Counselors: From helping to train and onboard the new person in marketing at the credit union, to being an ear to listen and confidant that an executive can lean on to give it to them straight, we are more than just a credit union's "marketing agency" — we're the trusted resource our partners reach out to because we not only know what we're doing, we know what we're talking about and can truly understand and help with guidance for the situation before them.
  • From Frontline to Back Office: We're one of the gang. We understand what it means to work at a credit union, from teller to CEO, and the positions in-between. And we understand how each function of a credit union impacts marketing in some way, shape and form — and we use that knowledge to be strategic marketers through-and-through.
Credit union's what we do, and man, do we do it well.