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Social Audits & Plans

Share your story, and build brand awareness outside of your branches.

In today’s age of tech, your members and those you wish to attract, especially the younger ones, emotionally connect with brands online and place value on those that have an authentic, active presence on social media. To reach and engage with younger and potential members, social media is an important element to have in your marketing mix. It keeps your brand top of mind, builds and fosters connections, delivers value and increases loyalty and legitimacy. Social media provides an additional touchpoint so that people can see and interact with your credit union, providing the opportunity to build relationships through value-added content.

At BA, we can help increase your social media presence and engagement by focusing on platforms that provide the most value to your organization. Whether that’s organic day-to-day posting, paid advertisements or engaging with the local community, we provide you the opportunity and the channels to connect with more members and potential members to increase your brand awareness and loyalty.

How we do it:

  1. Audit. We’ll take a deep dive into your current social media presence (if any) and unpack your activity, engagement, content quality, and feedback. We also provide added value by including an analysis of your competitors' social media presence so you can see where you stack up.

  2. Recommend. Once we have a handle on your current state, we’ll make recommendations such as which platforms to focus on and what content to share based on the audience you want to reach.

  3. Manage. We’ll execute content and creative that aligns with your multi-legged marketing strategy.

Platforms include: