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Meet The Group

Meet Amy Herbig - Founder & CEO of The BA Group

I like to think the title of CEO really means Chief Engagement Officer.

I love sharing my passion for marketing strategy, planning and execution with our credit union partners and, of course, my BA Team. From our first “get to know each other” chat, to the ingrained marketing meetings, to celebrating a campaign’s results – you’ll have my 17+ years of nationwide credit union marketing experience working  with you, and for you.

When my boys ask me, "What do you do all day mom?" I tell them I have no answer because every day in credit union land is different than the day before. This is one of the many reasons why I have enjoyed how fast the years have passed and why I look forward to playing a positive role in what is to come for our industry and BA's credit union partners.

During my non-credit union time, I'm kept busy keeping-up with my two active boys, traveling, yelling at Oscar to "Get back here!" as he tears off after a squirrel or rabbit, and enjoying the quieter moments on my front porch during the early morning hours along with a cup of coffee and the local newspaper.

Meet the Rest of The Group

BA has established strong relationships with a number of different vendors around the nation for our credit union clients. Here we'd like to spotlight those we have had the privilege to develop great partnerships with and would recommend, without hesitation, to our credit union partners.