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Culture Development

When you think of the brand of Disney and Disneyland,

you likely also think of their trademarked tagline, "The Happiest Place On Earth." And if you've been to Disneyland, you have experienced how they live, breathe and are completely devoted to living up to all that their tagline denotes. They live the culture of their brand.

We think this explanation of a brand's culture from hits the nail on the head, perfectly:

"Brand culture is the culture that a company cultivates in order to powerfully, consistently and competitively deliver its brand to market. It’s how people work together to bring the brand alive for customers. But brand cultures are more than an expression of the brand itself; they are, by necessity, an expression of the people who work for that brand and the decisions and ways of working and behaving that they agree to work within.

"The challenge for any brand is when what it stands for as a brand no longer aligns with what the people working for the brand do. It’s all very well to talk about building or changing a powerful brand culture, but first you need to understand the culture you’re changing. Each is different because each revolves around a different ethos."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

When partnering with BA to develop your brand, your culture development goes along with it. We help you understand how to incorporate your true brand into the various aspects of your credit union's human resources activities: things like your onboarding, training, specific questions to be asked during an interview, staff appreciation efforts, and even how you handle conflict.

We understand branding and culture are intertwined and when an organization commits to consistency in both areas, we see credit unions thrive not only from an internal, staffing standpoint but from a financial and membership standpoint as well.