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Name Changes

We live in the era of made-up names and new words. 

Hulu, Venmo, Google, i-this and e-that. When it comes to names for credit unions, our industry has it all: names that have existed since the very first day a credit union was chartered decades ago, to obvious choices, words that are confusing to pronounce, and even mashed-up combinations of various names due to mergers over the years. No matter why your credit union is named what it is today, we understand the pride and protectiveness you have for it, and the established brand it conveys.

Unless absolutely directed by leadership to NOT change the name, we approach the subject of a credit union's current name with an open mind and understanding that the current name is on the table. As we go through our Strategic Brand Development process, we look to honor your credit union's legacy while taking objective, rational, and strategic measures to discover what name best reflects the credit union you want to be.

After careful and objective examination, if the current name proves to have enough brand equity and staying power, then great — no need for a change! But, should the name prove to not accurately reflect your current values and character, we then work with you to uncover your true identity and guide you through the steps to change your credit union's name across all areas.

We're not going to tell you that changing your name is easy; it’s not. And, it's not a decision to be made lightly. There are lots of hoops to jump through, legal and practical, as well as financial implications. The good news is, we have done it all before and will share our expertise with your credit union to ensure that the process is efficient and effective for your organization, membership, and vendors.