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Strategic Brand Development

Uncover your true brand. Then engage and grow.

Your brand should be a perfect blend of your credit union's heritage, what you stand for, and what you need to be in order to persist as a sustainable and thriving not-for-profit, financial cooperative for years to come. We don't look to change your credit union. We look to help you evolve, building upon what already makes your organization unique and uncovering what additional steps you need to take in order to have people take notice of and interact with your credit union.

The BA Group’s unique process works in phases and is based on the principal of capturing what your brand is at its core. From that core, we develop your brand so it has a competitive edge in the field of membership and markets you serve. It’ll be something you can live up to. It’ll be something that’s achievable. And, something that’s strategically refined to ensure its staying power and relevance for years to come.

Phase 1: Research & Discovery

Where does your brand stand in the market? As a leader, you may think you know. The first phase of our strategic brand development process can validate or shockingly contradict what you believe to be true. Whatever the case, the discovery process always produces a laser-focused roadmap.

2-Day Brand Planning Session: We’ll engage in an in-depth, question-everything conversation with your leadership team to get to the bottom of who you are and what your brand needs to be. We’ll also objectively examine your current brand elements.

Competition Audit: We’ll analyze brands that are already out there — what’s working, what isn’t — to help differentiate your organization from the already crowded field.

Target Focus Groups: We’ll get generational details including banking habits, brand loyalty, interaction preferences and more, to help guide the messaging and products that we'll develop.

Surveying: We’ll ask staff, volunteers, members and non-members how they encounter and perceive your brand along with other strategically phrased questions.

Phase 2: Execution & Rollout

The findings from Phase 1 inspire our deliverables during Phase 2. Here, your brand begins to come to life. We’ll start creating your new name (if we discover through our Phase 1 measures that a name change is necessary), developing your story, logo, colors, collateral and more. Because each part of your evolved identity will touch everything from your frontline associates to digital users and prospective members, we ensure all elements are created under a consistent look, feel and story. Then — it's go-time.

Brand Development

Your brand is designed to be audible and visual. What the development process entails is specific to your credit union. We can tackle everything from an optional name change to logo design, taglines, creative and graphic elements, and everything in-between.

Brand Story & Graphic Standards

A deliverable that captures all the measurements and findings that you will share with internal staff, this document includes your credit union's story, mission and vision, survey findings, future goals and graphic guidelines. Read more.

Culture Development

As you incorporate the new brand dynamics into your HR and training efforts, your culture will shift and naturally begin to outwardly reflect your evolved brand's mission and values. Read more.


We lead an unveiling event for your staff that’ll get your team’s buy-in and energize them to stand behind a meaningful brand for years to come.