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Brand Evolution: PSCCU

The Situation

Sometimes a brand evolution doesn't involve changing your name, or even your logo. Evolution doesn't mean throwing everything you already have out the window. Rather, strategic, purposeful evolution can occur effectively using word-choice, colors, imagery, graphic elements, a new tagline, or even one (or more) special-use logos. 

In 2015, Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union (PSCCU) wanted to refresh their look and evolve their brand, finding what truly makes them unique and then effectively conveying that to existing and perspective members in the already crowded financial-institution market of the Puget Sound/Seattle, WA

The Vision

Through BA's Strategic Brand Development process, it was made crystal clear that PSCCU's primary differentiating factor was (and still is) their commitment to lowering their members' carbon footprint by offering such products as energy-efficiency and solar loans. And by doing so, they also play a role in job creation, supporting local economies, and community development. 

However, they weren't shouting it from the roof tops, asking members to share the love of their "green" credit union — nor were they looking beyond what they already offered and realizing there was (and still is) an entire story to be told, and many more products they could offer that tie-back to their socially conscience values.

The Socially-Responsible Banking Seal

As PSCCU decided to make a public commitment to promote and provide socially-responsible banking products, BA got to work on taking their brand identity from one level, to a whole new level that would better represent this financial cooperative's one-of-a-kind mission. Key to the branding of PSCCU's commitment was the development and roll-out of the Socially-Responsible Banking Seal. This Seal represents "Our socially-responsible banking products, services and initiatives. So whenever you see our Seal, you'll be able to learn about and participate in efforts we're taking to help protect, sustain and improve the environment, our members and our local economy."

The Seal was the catalyst for other socially-responsible initiatives such as the development of PSCCU's GreenRewards Checking where members earn monthly dividends, but also get to select the socially-responsible nonprofit that the Credit Union will donate up to $2,000 a year to. Then there's their GreenUp Loans where members receive a rate discount for electric, hybrid and new clean diesel vehicles — they even have bike and kayak loans!