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Website Management: GE Credit Union


Ensuring brand continuity, maintaining consistency across platforms, keeping up with current technology, and establishing an easy-to-use interface are some of the chief concerns we heard from GE Credit Union when they went to overhaul their website in 2017. With language and visuals that reflect their unique brand, the new website was built using a response-design system and easy-to-use CMS.

Along with the launch of the new website, BA Group worked closely with third-party website vendors — including online loan applications, online banking, mobile banking, and online membership applications — to ensure that all systems went live with the new visuals at the same time.

BA pays careful attention to website structure and design with the goal that members should be able to find whatever they are looking for in no more than three clicks. Whatever website platform you choose, we work on your behalf to ensure your members can easily do what needs to be done.

Bilingual Functionality

In 2017, GE Credit Union opened three new branches in Puerto Rico, giving them a total of four located this Spanish-speaking U.S. Territory. When the mobile-responsive version of their website launched later that year, having a fully bilingual website was a must. BA worked closely with web developers and professional translators to ensure that all aspects of the site — including content, forms, and disclosures — were available in the Spanish dialect specific to Puerto Rico. The Spanish site mirrors the English site exactly and users can switch on-the-fly to the language of their choice. Check it out at:

ADA Compliance

The BA Group worked with the ADA-compliance vendor chosen by GE Credit Union systems to build a compliant site and keep it that way. Best practices surrounding key compliance issues — such as color contrast, type size, ALT text, and labeling of links — are built into GE Credit Union's structure and have become a standard part of the BA workflow. 


Additional Websites

In addition to GE Credit Union, The BA Group manages many websites, including these: 

Need assistance with Credit Union Marketing? I highly recommend partnering with the BA Group. They are the most down to earth, hardworking people that I’ve worked with. While paying the most attention to detail and accuracy, they provide results that are mind blowing and fitting to the needs of their client. The BA Group is well versed in the Credit Union industry, and they are always willing to extend a helping hand. I look forward to continuing my relationship with the BA Group team, and working on more projects as they arise.

— Shawnna White, Marketing Director / GE Credit Union, Milford, CT