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Media Strategy & Purchasing: AERO

The Situation

In 2015, AERO Federal Credit Union had recently expanded their FOM to include most of the Phoenix market. Needing to get their brand out there they enlisted BA to promote AERO’s brand and Auto, Credit Builder, Home Equity (HELO), and Toy loan products via mass media.


The Vision

With little to no brand recognition in the Phoenix market and a tight marketing budget, BA looked to capitalize on the brand equity of a high reach, cost efficient, and  trusted local marketing partner. From previous experience this seemed to be a great fit for a Radio Influencer (RI) campaign. The selected RI would be from a station with a demonstrated active, high income, high engagement audience and would be willing to actively engage with the promoted AERO products and services of Toy, Auto, Credit Builder Loans and Member Benefit Awareness. 

In support of the RI campaign, a targeted digital display campaign was also initiated.


The Process

BA researched and interviewed numerous top stations and talents in the Phoenix market before deciding upon the top New Country station and their Morning Show talent. BA developed the scripts, directed the RI, negotiated spots (on-air and streaming) and sourced/directed member testimonials.

In addition, BA directed and managed the digital display ad campaign where specific ad groups targeted auto, toy and credit building audiences.


2015 vs. 2014, Source: NCUA 5300 Report


The Results

Anecdotally, the TA and AERO staff loved the Radio Influencer campaign. Per the VP of Marketing, “Everyone here is raving about David and the spots. Thank you for such a great job. :) ”

Looking at the numbers, AERO saw net increases among the products and services across the board, as shown to the right. Running from April through December, the RI campaign covered Auto Loans, Toy Loans, Home Equity Loans, as well as credit-building and general membership awareness.


Services Provided

  • Media & talent research, strategy, planning, negotiating, management
  • Script writing
  • Talent & production management
  • Digital display ads: strategy, planning, creation, placement, management
  • Reporting for all mediums

The BA Group is such a pleasure to work with. As a “one-man” marketing shop they’ve helped me in so many ways. They understand each level of credit union marketing from the big picture strategy down to the little details of creating a look, feel, and voice for your brand. I thoroughly enjoy interacting and working with each person at The BA Group.

- Angie Avers, AVP/Marketing  / AERO Credit Union, Phoenix, AZ