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We’re outsourced marketing...with an in-house feel.

When it comes to your marketing, we're what you need us to be. Whether you just need help with your strategic planning, you're looking for an extension of your marketing department, or even a full marketing team — we can tailor our services to your needs.

Agencies are great. But we’re better. Why?

It’s simple. Because we only work with credit unions and we don't put you in a box or have fixed pricing structures as other agencies tend to do. We have the chops to do exactly what you need. And, no matter how big or how small your needs are, client connection is paramount to how we work. We immerse ourselves in your culture, celebrate your victories, and work alongside you to achieve your goals. Because your goals become our goals too.

Sometimes credit unions can’t staff a marketing department.

The BA Group helps staff that gap ­– with over 70 years of combined credit union experience behind us. As your Full Marketing Team, we answer your need for a turnkey marketing solution.

What exactly does this mean?
We’ll tackle each project with you, wrangling everything from strategy to tactical creative. We’ll stay connected with you day-in and day-out. And we’ll be an on-call industry expert whenever you need us.

What your Full Marketing Team provides:

  • Dedication to perform the duties of an in-house Marketing department: Whether taking on the role of a Chief Marketing Officer with a seat at the Board table, or a fully-staffed Marketing team that runs the gamut of responsibilities, you'll have the marketing advocates your credit union needs by your side, performing the exact same functions as if you had the staff in-house in an office just down the hall.
  • One-stop-shop for everything creative. You get design muscle, content creation, and strategic thinking, along with with everyday tactical execution of your marketing, media and social media content and creative.
  • Industry connections and referrals that’ll save money. We’ve been doing this a while. Which means we have various connections to help us execute your marketing efforts as efficiently, effectively, and financially affordable as possible. Our network ranges from print and mail services, to e-delivery solutions, brand-build firms — even credit union compliance consultants!
  • Representation at any type of meeting or event. We’re here to attend meetings on-site, via video or phone, anytime. It's another way we become a part of the overall credit union team and build those must-have, close relationships with your leadership, volunteers, staff and vendors, even if we're states away.

Exhausted and overextended Marketing Departments need us.

Our Support Team is for credit unions that have a small, in-house Marketing Department who are stretched too thin. So we'll assign a marketing lead and graphic designer to be there for you as a support to the marketing folks already in-place in-house.

Simply put: You’ll lead. We’ll help execute.

What your Support Team provides:

  • More time for your other tasks. Small teams have a lot of tasks and not much time. We’ll free some up time by taking some things off your plate.
  • Execution of anything you need. We can design, create copy or be your full-on, right-hand cohort helping with everything from brainstorming to project management.
  • Support your decisions and strategies. You’re in charge here. We’ll be your advocate for your choices and your backup to tackle the everyday.

We ask "Why?" first.

Only the best strategists do.

We dive deep into your credit union — past, present and future outlook. We get to know your membership demographics, target market or segment, and audit your competition. We identify strengths and weaknesses. We understand your goals. And finally, we explore and define the business case around every tactic that’s planned.

Then we create a strategy of measurable actions that touch every Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to get real results you can actually track and measure.

How we do it:

  • A full planning session. Complete with a SWOT analysis done BA-style, along with other tools, we’ll discuss your objectives and your reasons behind them to develop a robust success plan.
  • Tactical development. Together, we'll outline how and where measurable tactics will be implemented, along with ownership and accountability.
  • Peeling back existing strategies. Sometimes strategy begins at a high level. We’ll dig in to any existing plans to find improvement opportunities to sharpen the sword for even more impact.