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BA Rebrands United Methodist Financial CU

United Methodist Financial Credit Union is Now Christian Family Credit Union.

After 81 years faithfully serving United Methodist clergy, churches, members and those supporting them in the East Ohio, West Ohio, and Indiana Conferences of The United Methodist Church – it was time to for United Methodist Financial Credit Union to grow beyond their flock, and invite more Christian members to their fold. “Over the years our Board of Directors and senior management have had many discussions about the possibility of helping other Christians and ministries with their banking needs by taking a more ecumenical approach to membership eligibility,” says the Credit Union’s President and CEO, Russ Abbott.  “And with the state of Ohio recently broadening their field of membership to serve all like minded Christians in their geographic area it was time to create a brand that would be able to communicate this.”

Knowing theChristian Family Credit Union Website Graphic Credit Union needed a strategic branding partner to lead them through this effort, the Credit Union started a nationwide search and found their partner in The BA Group. Once the partnership was solidified, BA assembled our rebranding team which included Denise Aldrich, our Creative Director, Jonathan Ricketts, one of very talented Graphic Designers, and Amy Herbig, our founder and CEO. Our team made the trek eastward, broke bread with the Credit Union’s senior leadership, guided them through the initial stages of the rebranding process and laid the groundwork for the upcoming change.

It was through our discovery process where we found what really makes this Credit Union unique among their peers and competition. As seasoned credit union marketers we were proud to, once again, be the guide and mentors of a credit union’s branding process as we brought their vison and guiding principles to fruition in the form of a new name and new look as Christian Family Credit Union. Along with their new name, came the inspiration for a new member promise (i.e. tagline) as we created a succinct statement showcasing their mission of combining one’s Christian faith with their finances, now represented within Your money • Your faith • Our Mission.