Brand is the core of your credit union.

You know that already. But given that most credit unions have a long history and have experienced a number of structural changes over the years, trying to understand and harness the core of your credit union can be a difficult or even overwhelming prospect.

That's where we come in.

If you've reached the point of accepting that your credit union "needs to brand," you've already taken the first big step. When you partner with The BA Group on your branding process, the steps ahead become manageable and clear, and you'll experience an excitement inthe process.

What you might not realize is you already have a brand — it's just been in hiding all these years.

Our branding process typically starts with a two-day, in-person session where we gather your leadership team and work through a series of exercises to designed tease out the key attributes of your credit union's core. We laugh, we have constructive conversations, we may even cry a little — but it's one of the most engaging and eye-opening experiences you'll go through for the sake of bettering your credit union. And from just those two days, you'll gain a clearer vision of your credit union's inherent brand and the steps that lie ahead. You'll also gain a confidence in the process, realizing that you've already taken the first steps in evolving your brand to meet your needs for today and into tomorrow.

BA then channels the momentum from the initial planning session into surveys and maybe even focus groups with your members, staff, and non-members (where applicable). We gather great insight from these surveys and when combining these outcomes with those from the initial management planning session, your existing, inherent brand begins to unfold. BA is then able to confidently develop a unique and genuine brand for your credit union.

Working with your team and branding goals, we establish milestones throughout the process which may include any or all of these elements:

  • Name analysis and/or selection of a new name
  • New tagline, corporate mission statement, brand filters
  • New or modified logo
  • Clarification of your inherent and unique brand personality
  • Development and execution of graphic standards, stationery and marketing materials
  • Design, content writing and execution of website (with your chosen website vendor)

We'll help ensure a succesfull internal transition to your evolved brand by wrapping things up with a fun "Brand Boot Camp" event with all of your credit union staff. At the event, we unveil the evovled brand, new website, and most importantly, show the staff how they are truly the core of your credit union: What we've done is develop a look and a voice to accurately represent them and all your credit union stands for.

The process won't happen over night, but with an unwavering commitment from your leadership, we will get there together and it'll be well worth the wait.

Click to our Creative section to see several examples of our branding partners and contact us to explore how we can partner with you for the brand evolution of your credit union.