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Mike Zanotti

As a Marketing Data Analyst (MDA), I work smart to find factual based answers to your credit union marketing questions.

I am practiced with the most popular credit union systems including Episys, Raddon and Touché’ to deliver high quality tangible information to clients in effort to aid the marketing decision making process. While third party systems are often challenging to a credit union, The BA Group has years of experience working with these vendors to aid our credit union partners with navigating these offsite systems and resources. My role also comprises of tracking results of the marketing decisions by reporting on the impact of data-focused decisions in summary and detail.

My nights and weekends are enjoyed with friends and loved ones, playing with our dog Riley and cheering on my Green Bay Packers!

Words to live by — “It’s only a dream until you write it down, then it becomes a goal.”
~ Emmit Smith