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Jessica White

As a Marketing Director for The BA Group I get to do what I love, marketing, while being able to do what I’m passionate about, helping credit unions!

Having the opportunity to work with credit unions of various sizes across the country creates a fast-paced and fun working environment and being responsible for the success, development and execution of their new promotions or campaigns is what I thrive on. Whether it be managing budgets, examining target audiences constructed around member-based data, or collaborating with our graphic designers during the creative process when developing new content, I enjoy it all. Every day in the credit union world can present a new and unique challenge, and utilizing the knowledge I’ve gained in my nine-plus years I’ve been part of the credit union world allows me to strategically think through events, in-branch and digital promotion, and then the fun part, result tracking!

When I’m not focused on all things credit union marketing, you can find me with my friends and family, gentling wild burros as well as training my own burro, Petunia Blossom for weekend competitions. There’s also a good chance you’ll find me working on a DIY project at my house or attending a local concert.