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Born out of the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People," NetGiver is the first-to-market, 100% direct donation and deposit-generating app designed exclusively for credit unions and their members. NetGiver is unique in it allows members to donate to 501(c)(3) nonprofits directly from their credit union checking or savings account, with 100% of the donated amount going directly to the nonprofit – eliminating all credit card fees and administrative costs that other donation platforms take from a donation.

Built for credit unions, by credit unions.

When NetGiver approached BA to be their exclusive Marketing partner, we jumped at the chance to help draw awareness to and education around this new tool that helps to cover all the basis a credit union should look to cover. In other words, as their strategic marketing partner, BA sees the great opportunity credit unions have to utlize NetGiver as a loyalty-building, deposit-generating, new member-acquisition tool. In addition, the members win because they're able to easily donate to the nonprofits they support, credit unions are seen as the hero by providing this service free of charge for their members, and nonprofits win because they receive the full amount a credit union members donate rather than just a portion of it after all the fees have been removed.

Click here to learn more about NetGiver, to sign up for a webinar, or to contact them directly. Or you can contact BA directly if you'd like to learn more about how your credit union can develop a strategic plan to incorporate NetGiver into your marketing and overall business plans.