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Marketing Analytics

Our Marketing Data Analyst can translate your data and turn it into meaningful insights.

Automation seems to be taking over today’s tech world. But, that’s not us. Our Marketing Data Analyst (MDA), will explain what the numbers mean and help you connect the dots so you can make well-informed, strategic marketing decisions that’ll benefit your business goals.  

And, we won’t leave you on your own to figure out what the flat charts and graphs mean to your bottom line. At BA, we provide a human element to uncover the untold story your data signifies. We get away from the “I think"s and the “I feel”s and provide direction backed by data about who your members are and how we can help them via your marketing efforts around the products and services you offer, or should offer. We do it all to grow member base, increase deposits, expand loan programs…and bring your A-game.

What our MDA does.

  • Uses numerous credit union Core, MCIF and Marketing systems to make informed marketing recommendations
  • Dives into data-gathering applications to identify member behaviors to unearth cross-selling opportunities
  • Works closely with leadership to intimately understand business goals
  • Provides robust reporting weekly, monthly or a for set periods to measure specific campaigns
  • Can be your brainstorming, data-understanding partner to research, explore and discover insights, discrepancies and opportunities when you don't have the time, or enough of you to go around