The prevailing attitude of the day is that 'traditional' media — the advertising vehicles of our marketing ancestors — has gone the way of the rotary phone, fallen into obscurity, been overtaken by the omnipresent 'social' media. We're sure you’ve heard (or even grumbled to yourself) the following statements: Print is dead. Radio doesn’t work. Nobody watches TV anymore. Billboards: seriously?

However, at BA, we know better. Print is not dead. Radio does work. People do watch TV — just differently than before. And yeah, billboards: seriously! The secret is you just have to use these mediums correctly, as they were designed to be used, with the effective creative and as a part of a well prepared and well executed media plan.

                 credit union advertising awareness
This is where we come in. Media buying is more than Reach, Frequency and CPP’s. The metrics of a media-buy only tell one side of the process; What about the credit union’s side? We work side-by-side with your marketing team (or as your marketing team) to create a media budget, plan and buy. We also make sure the tracking and measuring of the results are in place to ensure your traditional media dollars are being well spent.

Additionally, we realize that a media campaign is only as good as the creative process put into it. Whether through radio scripts, TV ads, or print ads, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring our credit union's brand to life consistently across mediums.

Questions about Traditional Media? Email or give us a call (rotary phone optional).


Digital Media — the future of advertising! And, along with Traditional and Social media, it really is. We are a connected society and our digital media consumption shows it. We love our music online, our TV online, our news online.... Get the idea? We like to get our online music, TV and news on big screens (TV), little screens (mobile) and every in-between screen (tablets). So how does a credit union get seen here, there, everywhere?

That’s where we come in. Digital media buying is more than Impressions, SOV and CTRs. The metrics of a digital media buy only tell one side of the process. What about the credit union’s side?

As always, your marketing team and our team will work hand-in-hand to create and monitor:

  • Media budgets, plans and buys
  • Promotional landing pages, URLs and conversion pixels
  • A/B testing
  • Impression pacing
  • Ad weights

Of course digital media efforts — as goes the same for traditional media efforts — are only as good as the creative put into them. So whether we're using display, audio, or video ads, we pride ourselves on our creative and professional ability to bring our credit union's brand to life consistenly and across mediums.

Questions about Digital Media?  Email or call us on your Smartphone.