We are a credit union marketer's marketing agency.

What does that mean? From the very first moment, we immerse ourselves into your credit union’s culture, working hard to become valued team members. Because we have actually worked in a credit union marketing department (and a few of us, for banks too), our extensive experience is immediately brought to bear on your marketing challenges and projects, producing results-driven creative, campaigns, plans and brands.

From Day One, BA has been the outsourced marketing support team for a number of credit unions around the nation. Our relationships have included everything from handling various marketing and creative projects on a case-by-case basis to (most commonly) working on a monthly retainer supporting any aspect of a credit union's marketing needs.

This support can include (but isn't limited to):

  • Marketing, campaign and promotional brainstorming and development assistance
  • Marketing project and portfolio development, implementation and ongoing management
  • Campaign and cross-promotional campaign execution
  • Creative/design of various marketing mediums
  • Vendor and system management (printers, mail houses, websites, branch monitor systems, email systems, etc.)

There really isn't a box to put your credit union in when it comes to what we can or cannot do to help support your marketing efforts. We work with you to look at your unique situation, goals and needs, and from there devise a working relationship that fits.

If you'd like to know how our partnerships with credit unions work in the real-world, click here to read testimonials from several of our credit union partners and hopefully the picture will become even more clear. Then contact us to speak with Amy to see if we are the missing piece of your marketing-team puzzle.

At The BA Group, we like to initiate strategic planning by conducting an initial two-day, in-person Good Old Fashion Planning session (or 'GOFP" as we like to call it). During the GOFP, we bring in the main leaders of the credit union together to clarify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Targets. However, we go far beyond the traditional high-level SWOT analysis to develop comprehensive budgets, determine project workload, and devise responsibility charts as requested.

Our plans are always specific to your credit union. This means we take your brand promise, brand equity and — most importantly — your overall strategic business planning into account. From all that we practical create a plan that not only your leadership team can get behind, but that marketing can actually execute and that staff can understand, support and promote as well.

After the first year's plans are developed from the initial process, a natural planning process flows more easily. Instead of wondering, "Well, what should we do this year?" you'll find that you're in a natural state of planning throughout the year so that the official planning process becomes much clearer and easier year after year.

When your credit union partners with us to develop a customized marketing plan, you receive an actionable and realistic strategy along with a highly experienced and efficient team of marketing professionals. We thrive watching strategy evolve into action, using our tactical marketing expertise to take your credit union marketing plan from concept to board report and everything in between.